Date: 2014-07-27 04:55 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] palmtree
Hi there :D Firstly thanks for reading through all that mess lol, but secondly, due to the nature of the question, please take what I say with a grain of salt. I will admit to having very strong opinions about the subject. But as for the question, first and foremost, I beleive a child, no matter the stage of pregnancy, is a living being. That's the reason I see abortion as the worst crime that can ever be commited, because it's a form of murder. That said, I feel it's wrong to blame a child for the situation in which he or she was brought about. Killing a being inside of a woman because of the circumstances, I feel, is wrong. (Rape and incest are very wrong too and I feel that men and woman who do this deserve to be castrated or have sexual organs removed.) If anything, the child should be given up to adoption and cared for as it's helpless and like I said, the child didn't have a say in the choice. It's an innocent being. While I feel orphanages aren't the most friendly way for a young child to live, adoption is still better than death in the womb.

Rape, I can't say I really completely understand how that feels, though being as empathetic and senstive as I am, it would probably feel like a horrid nightmare. Holding a child in your stomach because of it probably isn't an easy thing at all, but murder is as bad as rape or incest itself.
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