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Yup, just about all of my stuff is friend-locked, but you're definitely welcome if we have fandoms in common! This post here has all of my fandom stuff, journal contents and what nots.

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WELL HELLO THAR. This is my intro post. It's probably going to stay short until I find the time to make a new/longer one. I do keep this updated with new fandoms and what not, so nothing is old on here. ANYWAY I'm Pixel. I'm a 28 year old soon-to-be broke college student who between jobs. General education first and then I will fully decide on what I want to do. I'm very multi-fandom and I have a wide variety of hobbies including decorating, coding (html/css), graphic design, jewelry making, sewing, writing, drawing and more. I've been watching anime and playing games since I was a kid. I picked up reading manga when I was around 15. I mostly speak english, but I'm interested in learning japanese!

Currently flailing over: Any and all Elder Scrolls! Online is my current love, but I loved Skyrim and Oblivion. I watch alot of SVU as well and I'm starting to enjoy the Dragon Ball series and Boruto too.

But I will always love: Sailor Moon, Gintama, Pokemon (games), Naruto, SenBasa, Warehouse 13, Dragon Age, Devil May Cry, all Star Trek series, Ace Attorney, Tiger and Bunny and Tron

Journal Contents
While I've been told that some of my past posts were amusing, I can't really say I make some of the most interesting posts ever lol. You'll see fandom posts, life posts and creative posts alot (creative things meaning that I'll share what I draw, write and jewelry/purses I make). I take alot of photos, so that too. But like everyone else, I rant. Sometimes more than I want, but it's always under cut. I'll do music recs, anime/game/movie/recs along with just pure randomness. So expect anything lmao. Anything lengthy or with large amounts of photos will always be put behind cut for the sake of not killing people's friends pages/internet connections lol. Also be aware that I ramble alot. I can't stress this enough!

Keep in mind
I sadly have to extend this section because there are things that others agree on that I don't, so to save any drama, I'm going to be completely honest here. First off, abortion. I see it as one of the worst crimes that can be committed. I don't see how anyone can go through with it. Secondly, animal abuse (and abuse in general), I will not put up with it. Discrimination is also another thing I'll absolutely not put up with. Everything in this world deserves love. I don't care if you're heterosexual, bisexual, homosexual, african american, chinese, etc, you deserve love.

Friending policy
Well I hate to put this here and sound demanding, but I feel that something needs to be said about it. I see my friends list as my group of real friends, who I talk to, share things with etc. Just like any friendship, things won't work out if we don't talk to each other, through comments, AIM/MSN, twitter or whatever else. Now I know that everyone's life gets busy every now and then, and that's completely fine, but if we don't ever ever talk then what's the point in staying on each other's flist?
Now I don't expect a comment on every single post of mine, or for you to contact me everyday on any of my other accounts, but I do expect my flist to talk to me every once in a while. I will certainly do the same for you because I want a friendship with you. I wouldn't have added you if I didn't lol.

Sooo if you'd like to be added (and you're okay with all that's said above), please leave a comment on my friends only post I won't add those who randomly add me without first introducing themselves (well you don't have to introduce yourself formally, just please mention things we have in common and your nickname/name.) I'd greatly prefer my friends to be 18 and over, but I'm not going to turn you away if you're not.


Weeeellll if I haven't already scared you off and you'd like to be friends, please don't be shy! Again, just leave a short intro comment on my friends only post and we're good to go! I don't expect anything fancy. Welcome to the insanity that is my mind. Please enjoy your stay


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